About Us

Our dream = Our plan

We are going to travel the world in an army like truck and surf every imaginable spot on the way. The truck will have to be transformed in a comfortable but not necessarily luxurious surf van. Besides surfing we both want to add our part to helping with the world’s problems.


Marloes, having surfed in three continents has built up a resentment against and a passion to change the world’s waste and especially plastic problem. So she will devote her time, when not surfing, to contributing in any way she can to the world’s waste problems. Jeroen, having grown up in Libya, now a war torn country, has fought for his childhood’s town’s human rights for many years and when traveling the world he wants to make efforts to contribute to human and children’s rights.


We will travel the world in our, at least partfully electrically driven truck, hoping to surf, share love, spread awareness and contribute. Eight months a year we will be travelling. Four months a year we will be in Holland catching up with family and friends, earning money and fixing our ship that will functioning as a bed and breakfast as we are travelling.


We will leave 2020.


Cheekysurf chaka sign tenerife 2016 Sealiberty


We are starting our bed and breakfast in Arnhem, Holland. This will help us pay for our surf tour. We are practicing filming our lives, speaking English even though we are Dutch, saving money, learning how to make an ecofriendly surf truck. When we leave we will start posting videos and we hope you will enjoy following us on our life long surf trip.

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